Privé-opslag van wijn

Private Wine Storage is a Verhoeven WDC initiative. The Verhoeven company was founded at the end of the nineteenth century and is involved in the storage and transport of wines ever since. Verhoeven offers a wide scale of logistic services to a large number of Dutch wine-traders and -importers. As a part of the service package Verhoeven also stores premium wines for private wine-lovers and collectors in a special, separated part of it's warehouse where all premium wines are properly kept. Verhoeven WDC offers their Private Wine Storage customers online inventory-management to be able to survey their collection on the web. Our experienced personnel has all the tools needed to handle your wines with care and in a professional way. Verhoeven can ship wines all over the world using its own distribution network that operates exclusively for the transport of premium wines, or in partnership with carefully selected and well instructed premium carriers.

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